Tabacinic Chabad Jewish Student Center and Chabad on Campus Student Group strive to foster a familial environment, emphasizing tradition and Jewish unity. Our goal is to create a place where every Jewish student, from any background and affiliation, feels welcome and accepted. Chabad inspires Jewish students to find themselves as Jews and progress continuously on a spiritual path, passing on Jewish traditions to family and friends. We focus on the individual as well as the collective and we promote active involvement in all things Jewish, as we encourage young Jews to form intra-religious relationships and enhance their Jewish identities.

The Tabacinic Chabad Jewish Student Center was founded to serve the religious, educational and social needs of the Jewish students at the University of  South Florida. Located at 12301 North 52nd Street, Tampa, Florida 33617 is within walking proximity to the UF Campus.

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Tabacinic Chabad Jewish Student Center at USF
A home at the University of South Florida … Where every Jew is family!
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The heart of Jewish life on Campus • Foundation for the Jewish Bull Nation

Shalom and welcome JewSF Bulls!
The college years are a critical stage in development, when students exercise their independence and make many of the decisions that will help shape their lives. As a home away from home we offer students of all affiliations and backgrounds an opportunity to enhance their college years and experience the richness of their Jewish heritage. By participating in religious and social events, students meet other Jewish friends in a warm and welcoming atmosphere and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our Student Group works hard to plan semesters packed with great programs, classes and activities. Stop by any time for a discussion, a cup of coffee, a smile or a hello. Your Jewish Bull Family is here to help you, whatever the need may be, that’s what we’re here for!

We look forward to seeing you soon, Go Bulls!

Rabbi Pinny, Chava and family Backman